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AI-Based, Cyber Defense Planning & Optimization (CDPO) Platform

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Gartner Creates New Category - CDPO

Make decisions using SAGE’s AI-driven, context-based recommendations. No more relying on guesswork—it’s all handled by the platform.

An extract from Gartner's text naming CDPO as a new tech category.
SAGE Platform screen displaying CDPO asset management tools, risk heatmaps, graphs and more.

Gain clarity on your cyber security posture. Consolidate your enterprise cybersecurity plan in one platform

SAGE is your one-stop, cybersecurity co-pilot. The platform where you strategize your entire cyber defense program. Run simulations, ask questions, get data and context-driven decision support.

Optimize Your Cyber Defense Budget

Simulate your cyber defense budget and get smart advice and make improvements.

SAGE Platform screen displaying a CDPO comparison tool for viewing budget options side-by-side
SAGE Platform screen presenting a variety of charts and graphs depicting CDPO data.

Make Decisions Driven by Data and Context

Make decisions using SAGE’s AI-driven, context-based recommendations. No more relying on guesswork—it’s all handled by the platform.

Prioritize Mitigations & Risks That Matter Most

Get your priorities straight. SAGE ingests all threat intelligence into a powerful AI analytics engines, and continuously updates each item’s recommended priority level, so you can protect the areas of your business most at risk.

SAGE Platform screen displaying various CDPO management widgets and AI analytics
SAGE Platform screen displaying Visual representation of Business Impact Affect

Communicate Effectively With Your Board and C-Suite

Get the tools you need to communicate with business leaders and get their buy in and support.

SAGE Is The CISO’s Co-Pilot

Sage analyzes your cybersecurity stack and helps you make decisions that lower risk. It crunches data from diverse sources and lets you simulate defense options, giving you the information you need to answer difficult management questions.

SAGE Platform screen displaying various CDPO top findings and risks

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EVP Cybersecurity Product Strategy, Mastercard

“I cannot imagine a CISO anywhere in the world that would not like to have a product like SAGE.”
Nick Wilson

Former CIO & CTO, Endeavor

“SAGE democratizes cybersecurity in organizations allowing much clearer and effective communication with stakeholders and peers.”

Head of Cyber Defense, Financial Org.

“SAGE enables better security budget justification and allows security teams to apply logic, objectivity, rigor, and integrity to decision-making.”

CISO, Global Media Powerhouse

“We looked at our risk levels when we started using SAGE, versus where they are today and we're thrilled. We can see the risk levels going down from month to month and sometimes from week to week.”

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