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is your one-stop, simplified cybersecurity co-pilot. The place where you strategize your entire cyber defense program. It is where you simulate, ask questions, and get decision support.

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Average Cost of a Cyber Breach in 2023


Percentage of CISOS still doing cybersecurity planning with spreadsheets or pen and paper.


Percentage of CISOs who say they “Definitely Not” prepared to confront a major cybersecurity challenge.

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EVP Cybersecurity Product Strategy, Mastercard

“I cannot imagine a CISO anywhere in the world that would not like to have a product like SAGE.”
Nick Wilson

Former CIO & CTO, Endeavor

“SAGE democratizes cybersecurity in organizations allowing much clearer and effective communication with stakeholders and peers.”

Head of Cyber Defense, Financial Org.

“SAGE enables better security budget justification and allows security teams to apply logic, objectivity, rigor, and integrity to decision-making.”

CISO, Global Media Powerhouse

“We looked at our risk levels when we started using SAGE, versus where they are today and we're thrilled. We can see the risk levels going down from month to month and sometimes from week to week.”

SAGE’s Dynamic Impact

Business Risk
SAGE calculates and prioritizes CDPs based on business risk/impact, protecting critical systems, revenue & reputation.
Dynamically Optimize
Cyber Spend
Prioritize projects, optimize spend for lowest risk to business. Stop lower value and overlapping projects
Sole CDP
Management Platform
A single platform to build, track, manage and update CDPs, risk and mitigations in real time
SAGE dynamically updates the CDP faster than any human, with real time understanding of risk to systems, budget and business impact
Communicate powerfully with Leadership
Data driven/graphical support to illustrate critical budget and business impact to stakeholders.

Delete The Spreadsheets.
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